OmegaCor is a Comprehensive Technology partner to mission based business leaders throughout the Baltimore / Washington / Northern Virginia Region.

We admire our client’s commitment to their vision and the passion they bring to their enterprises. We are available to them for IT Support, Managed Services, Cyber Protection on an ongoing basis. We also provide project work to keep their technology environments current, leading edge and invisible to the users and leaders of the organization.

Founded in 1997, by Nabil Sheikh, after immigrating with his family from Ethiopia. OmegaCor has grown to become a regional thought leader in the industry and is the home for hundreds of business leaders that want to spend their time and energy on the reason why they started their business. Not dealing with technology and cyber threats.

The steady growth and success of OmegaCor is due to the Ethical and Moral commitment Nabil and his entire team have to provide a great service to help local businesses grow and stay focused on their personal passions.

For many businesses, their biggest challenge is understanding and implementing the technology required to run their firms. Of course it doesn't help that technology is changing daily—it's a tough task to stay ahead of the curve. And that's where companies like Sheikh's successful OmegaCor Technologies enter the picture.

Sheikh traveled a long road, paved with hard work, to get where he is today. Born in Ethiopia, Nabil Sheikh grew up here in Maryland—he attended Archbishop Spalding High School in Severn, received his bachelor in science degree from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County and did graduate work at Hood College in Frederick.

After college, Sheikh went to work for a lab in Frederick. A series of mergers and acquisitions caused him to feel vulnerable in terms of possible layoffs. Supporting a family by this time, Sheikh felt that owning a business was the only way to control his destiny. (He readily admits that he does what he does for his family—he wants them to always have what they need.)

The seeds of his IT business were planted, with his two brothers, 18 years ago. They started in the basement of his home on a $1,000 budget. Within seven months, the business (buying, selling, repairing and custom building computers) moved into its own retail space. From there, the business grew. In 2000, they transitioned away from retail and into the IT consulting business, helping to use technology to help them grow. OmegaCor Technologies is now expanding into the areas of construction, manufacturing, healthcare, education and government contracting.

Always hungry for knowledge, Nabil Sheikh has learned some valuable lessons along the journey. “Be humble and don't assume that you know everything, and surround yourself with and hire great people,” he says. “Treat your employees like family and never put them or the company in vulnerable positions.” He genuinely believes that success is the sum of the team—as opposed to the leader.