ALREADY HAVE AN IT TEAM?  OmegaCor Technologies CorEfficient IT is designed to support businesses that have an IT Team already onsite, but are looking for resources, support and assistance with the daily care and maintenance of their IT Infrastructure.

When it comes to managing corporate IT, most companies choose to either hire an in-house expert or team of experts, or outsource this function to an experienced IT vendor. While these two approaches are certainly among the most common, a new, hybrid approach called “co-management” offers a number of advantages.

Co-management enables companies that have an in-house IT team to supplement their in-house resources with outside expertise.

Our team of engineers, and specialists act as an extension of your team. We provide you all the advantages of growing your own IT Department while sparing you the high costs of managing your staff and turnover of an internal IT Department.

The Perfect Solution for Mid-Sized Companies

You have a dedicated IT team but they need help and more time to perform their mission-critical duties. Give that time back to them.  OmegaCor Technologies will augment your current team and take over all the “daily grind” duties, freeing up your in-house support to do what you hired them to do.

We assist with:

  • Servers
  • Client Desktops
  • Network Devices
  • Network Storage
  • Network Security
  • Cloud Computation
  • Cloud Storage
  • Cloud Security
  • Collaboration
  • Data Protection