Do you have an IT Support Provider that understands the construction industry?

Supporting IT is more than just a techie skill.  The best providers also understand the specific needs of your industry: how you use tech, the software programs specific to construction, and the business challenges you face.

OmegaCor Technologies specializes in managed tech services to the construction industry.

Collaboration, unique project management software, and access portals are just a few of the special IT demands in your industry. And failure makes you look bad and damages timelines.

Consider a managed service provider with experience in the construction industry.

You run your business, we run your IT

You’re working in construction: you’ve got demands from clients, subcontractors, responding to new bid opportunities.  Spending time troubleshooting and maintaining your IT infrastructure isn’t the best use of your time.

Do you still get a call when that server is down?

Is that really the best use of your energy?  Even if you are no longer troubleshooting the tech, wouldn’t it be nice to know you have a partner you can trust to eliminate downtime?