OmegaCor Technologies currently owns and manages a data center in Baltimore, Maryland that’s been operational since 2001 in a secure and redundant environment. Our skilled engineers have the experience and knowledge to design data centers from the ground up, keeping a client’s objectives and requirements in mind while proactively maintaining all aspects of the data center infrastructure with our Help Desk Team. Our data center management software allows us to monitor our bandwidth, network and servers 24 x 7. We also perform performance monitoring of all network devices, and generate real-time reports and charts, allowing us to have a “bird’s-eye” view of our data center.

Our capabilities allow us to:

  • Develop/provide user manuals, programmer maintenance manuals, and system design documentation
  • Provide operations and maintenance support
  • Analyze and assess equipment and performance degradation, including determination of hardware, software, and/or other technical changes necessary to meet operational requirements
  • Perform data entry
  • Provide support services to maintain operational data storage and retrieval applications on diverse computer platforms including, but not limited to, mainframes and minicomputers
  • Implement and maintain backup and disaster recovery systems and processes
  • Develop standard operating procedures for the data center and associated systems/applications
  • Provide alternative sources of computer operations support and/or data center facilities
  • Provide assistance and help to users, including, but not limited to providing personalized assistance, telephone assistance, and limited training
  • Perform hardware/software testing, installation, and maintenance
  • Collect and maintain statistics on hardware and software problems, maintenance service calls, and user base
  • Migrate data from system A to system B, which may require data QA/QC, data cleansing, data conversion, and manipulations management
  • Monitor system performance, and coordinate with office system vendors and users on the efficient and effective use of the system
  • Provide technical training on all functions of the system
  • Develop requirements/specifications for hardware, software, and/or services
  • Develop special applications as required
  • Maintain system architecture/schematic on hardware, software, circuits, and codes for each system and user(s)
  • Develop and maintain a configuration management program for all supported applications
  • Develop and maintain a life-cycle management program for all hardware and software applications
  • Centrally administer software licenses, including dynamic allocation
  • Perform network-based detection of viruses and unauthorized software and facilities to counter/eliminate/control
  • Centrally distribute electronic software
  • Migrate systems between state-owned and/or commercial facilities
  • Manage and administer user identifications, passwords, and security keys
  • Provide a secure data center facility to host mission-critical applications

When IT Matters, OmegaCor Makes IT Work

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