All businesses large and small rely heavily on their IT Networks, but not all of them take the right steps to safeguard them. Power outages, system crashes, data corruption and other problems can have disastrous consequences—and could even cause a business to fail completely. With OmegaCor Technologies’ storage architecture for your critical business applications, you will have a strong line of defense against loss of data.

Downtime is expensive, but securing your data isn’t.

Data Recovery

Companies’ mission-critical data and applications can no longer be left to a simple tape-backup system. Details such as specific values for critical parameters and settings during the initial installation must be documented in order to secure complete recovery from a backup.

OmegaCor Technologies’ data recovery solutions include assessment of critical risk areas, design and planning of recovery processes. Forward planning provides the information needed for rapid implementation of recovery procedures, and enables us to provide complete support and management throughout the recovery process.

When IT Matters, OmegaCor Makes IT Work!

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