As your business continues to grow, you’re likely creating and storing more documents than ever before; and if you’re not managing those documents in an efficient manner, you’re going to lose track, and ultimately, slow your business down. So what exactly is document management? Document management was created to meet the needs of businesses looking to manage ever-growing amounts of information.

OmegaCor specializes in providing the right document management solution for your unique needs. To learn more, or to schedule a complimentary document management consultation, give us a call at (443) 795–6500 or send us an email at

Similar to most modern businesses, one of your biggest challenges is finding a solution to securely streamline document management. Our team of IT experts partners with major vendors in the document management industry to help you:

  • Streamline handling of your documents.
  • Reduce your document management costs
  • Store documents securely
  • Increase security and productivity

We offer a range of document management solutions to ensure your unique needs are met:

  • Scan to PC Desktop: A solution to bridge the gap between paper, Microsoft Office, and PDF documents – significantly improving the way your organization uses and shares documents.
  • DocuShare Express: A solution that brings trusted and proven paper and digital content management capabilities to your business for an affordable price.
  • ScanFlowStore: A solution that gives you the ability to digitalize and archive documents in a quick and easy manner, in order to ensure simple document retrieval.

Are you ready to manage, store, and access documents without hassle? Give us a call at (443) 795–6500 or send us an email at

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