DO YOU KNOW HOW FAST INTERNAL TECH SUPPORT ISSUES ARE BEING RESOLVED?  OmegaCor Technologies’ Help Desk Team in the Baltimore-Washington-Area provides technical assistance and end-user support, utilizing an industry-leading ticketing system that facilitates expedient problem resolution.

Our Help Desk Capabilities include:

  • Troubleshooting network- and computer-related issues
  • Developing/providing user manuals, programmer maintenance manuals, and system design documentation
  • Providing user training in a variety of areas (e.g., end- user security awareness, telecommunications, operating systems, software packages)
  • Analyzing and assessing equipment and performance degradation, including determination of hardware, software, and/or other technical changes as necessary
  • Providing assistance in maintaining inventory control and locating records of state-owned information technology equipment/software and disposing of property as required
  • Collecting statistics on hardware/software/system problems, security incidents, maintenance service calls, and user base
  • Analyzing new applications, performing software maintenance, and making appropriate enhancements to existing systems
  • Assisting customer personnel in identifying their requirements and/or problems
  • Reviewing implementation plans for applications to ensure that the system resources are available to support applications in both the long and short term
  • Performing configuration management of software and hardware, including computers and network equipment across the enterprise
  • Centrally administering software licenses, including dynamic allocation