We say our Hosted PBX cloud phone system can save businesses over 50 percent on their phone costs.

And we have research to prove it.

This study took a sample of 19 small businesses who considered replacing their phone systems. It compared monthly bills from their current phone service providers against our Hosted PBX pricing. It also looked at what these businesses paid upfront for their phone systems.

What was analyzed

In the spirit of “apples-to-apples,” the study compared only those features that both our Hosted PBX and our competitors provide.

For the 19 businesses, monthly service costs for the following were averaged:

  • Fee per line
  • Local calling fees per line
  • Long distance fees per line
  • Carrier fees per line (not including local, state and federal charges that we and all other carriers collect)

In addition, the study averaged the upfront costs of an on-site PBX phone system, plus the deskphones themselves (focusing on systems that support up to 15 lines).

What we found

The analysis showed that on monthly, per-line service costs and fees, our Hosted PBX cloud phone system (based on a starting price of $29.99) indeed saves small business customers 53 percent on average compared to the competition. And that’s before adding savings for on-site phone systems & phones.

Monthly voice services fees per line: Hosted PBX vs. the competition

The bottom line: Hosted PBX saves customers 53% on monthly, per-line phone service—and thousands on upfront hardware costs

Breaking it down: Where the service cost differences come from

As shown in the chart below, the significant monthly cost differences between Hosted PBX and traditional phone services lie in the per-line service and carrier fees customers are charged.

Per-line service fees. On average, the businesses whose bills we evaluated were paying monthly perline service fees of $44.64, compared with the Hosted PBX monthly per-line service fee of $29.99.

Carrier fees. On average, the businesses whose bills we looked at pay monthly carrier fees of $11.23 per line, compared with Hosted PBX’s low monthly carrier fees of $1.50 per line.

Local and long distance fees. Like with Hosted PBX, many of the providers covered in the analysis charged no per-line local or long distance fees—although a few charged as much as $14.75 for local and $5.00 for long distance service per line.

Upfront savings

When you reduce your business phone services bills, the savings add up over time. With Hosted PBX, you also keep thousands of dollars in your pocket from day one. The PBX hardware is hosted in the cloud and the service is offered at a single flat monthly rate. And, businesses don’t have to program or install PBX hardware or licenses.

The table below shows the costs of several typical on-site PBX systems that support 5-10 lines, including both POTS (plain old telephone service) and VoIP varieties. As noted, you save 100 percent of such costs with the Hosted PBX service, because with Hosted PBX you don’t pay for the PBX system. On top of that, with our ongoing promotion, you can get 2-line desk phones for free, too.

The “hidden” costs you don’t pay with Hosted PBX

There are other costs involved in using on-site phone systems and services; costs that may not show up on your monthly bill but add up just the same. With Hosted PBX, there are no “hidden” costs.

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