You definitely get what you pay for. I’ve dealt with cheaper IT companies in the past. With those companies, I have ran into issues where they didn’t have the expertise on staff that I required and/or the response times were not what I needed. I have never ran into that issue with OmegaCor Technologies. Keith and his staff have always been able to help me resolve any and all of my issues in a timely manner. We haven’t been able to stump them yet! We have offices/warehouses across the country and sometimes scheduling systems upgrades can be tricky. Keith’s staff have been great at working with us to meet Pacorini’s timing needs.

Leon Smith Baltimore, Maryland

We’ve recently become another satisfied client of OmegaCor Technologies and we could not be happier with
their performance, as well as the ease of the transitional period from one provider to another.

Matthew Bolyard Baltimore, Maryland

Throughout the course of our relationship, OmegaCor has always had the best interests of Monsignor Slade at heart. Maintaining regular contact, to include onsite meetings, they strive to be proactive in addressing our current IT needs, while planning for our future ones as well.

Alexa L. Cox Glen Burnie, Maryland

I am writing to you to commend the gentleman that serviced our copiers both last week and this week.  It was such a positive and pleasant experience working with him.  He was friendly, thorough, and diligent in being sure that the issue was fixed and that we were pleased with the result.  It was very nice to work with someone both knowledgeable and professional when dealing with the issues that we had this week.

Michelle Washburn Bowie, MD

You are not just our IT company, you are truly our partner in business. It’s certainly not a cheap venture to go with the “all-inclusive” type package that you offer, but since we are a small company with limited resources, it takes a huge weight off of my shoulders knowing that anyone in my company can contact your ANYTIME for ANYTHING. Choosing OmegaCor as our vendor is absolutely worth the cost. Omegacor is an established company with your client’s best interests at heart and in today’s world I think that’s extremely rare to find.

Kate Austin Accounts Receivable Clearing House
Glen Burnie, Maryland